Ep103: 3 tips to overcome shyness and communicate with confidence.

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In this episode, Mei Phing discusses three tips to overcome shyness and communicate with confidence: 1) Stop judging yourself harshly, 2) Embrace your personality as a strength, and 3) Recognize the importance of communication and learn the necessary skills.



00:00 πŸ’¬ Feeling shy and anxious about communication is often caused by harsh self-judgment and fear of being judged by others. 

01:24 πŸ’¬ Being introverted and shy is completely okay, and it’s important to use your personality as a strength. 

03:01 πŸ’¬ Recognize the importance of communication and learn the skills needed to express yourself effectively. Gain confidence through competence. 

05:06 πŸ’¬ Personal story of how the speaker, as an introvert, overcame shyness to become a global speaker and corporate leader. 

08:35 πŸ’¬ Encouragement to step out of comfort zones and take small actions to overcome shyness. Shyness is not a prison; it can be overcome. 


Key Insights

πŸ™…‍♀️ Insight 1: Harsh self-judgment and fear of judgment from others contribute to shyness and communication anxiety. Overcoming these mindset blocks is crucial to building confidence in communication.

🀝 Insight 2: Introversion and shyness are not flaws, but rather personality traits. Embrace them as strengths and leverage them to communicate effectively in your own unique way.

πŸ’¬ Insight 3: Recognizing the importance of communication and acquiring the necessary skills can help overcome shyness. Confidence comes from competence, and learning a step-by-step communication framework can alleviate anxiety.

🌍 Insight 4: Personal experiences of overcoming shyness and achieving success as an introverted person can inspire others to believe in their own potential for growth and development.

πŸš€ Insight 5: Stepping out of comfort zones and taking small actions consistently are key to overcoming shyness. Progress is made by comparing today’s actions with yesterday’s, not by comparing oneself to others.

❗ Insight 6: Shyness can be overcome with a positive mindset, understanding one’s personality, and developing effective communication skills. It is not a permanent barrier but a challenge to be conquered.

🎯 Insight 7: Overcoming shyness and becoming a confident communicator requires a combination of mindset shifts and skill development. Recognizing the importance of communication and taking action are essential for personal and professional growth.



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