Ep115: How to change careers to a different industry.

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In this episode, Mei Phing discusses how to change careers successfully by being clear on your reasons, identifying the specific transition you want to make, highlighting transferable skills, crafting a clear career story, and following a six-step job search process.



[00:00] 🎯 Be clear on your reasons for wanting a career change to stay committed throughout the process.

[01:45] 🏒 Identify the specific transition you want to make, whether it’s a new industry, company, department, or function.

[03:15] 🌟 Highlight your transferable skills that are relevant to the next job to make your transition smoother.

[04:45] πŸ“š Craft a clear career story to convey your reasons, goals, and value to potential employers.

[06:15] πŸ” Deep dive into the six-step job search process: career clarity, resume, LinkedIn profile, targeted job search, and interview skills.

[07:30] πŸ’Ό Avoid thinking of your current job as a dead end and focus on following the right steps for career planning and change.

[08:45] 🌟 Implementing a clear why and positioning your value will help you succeed in making a career change.


Key Insights

[00:00] 🎯 Being clear on your reasons for a career change is essential for maintaining commitment and overcoming challenges throughout the process. It helps you stay focused and motivated.

[03:15] 🌟 Identifying and highlighting your transferable skills is crucial when transitioning to a different industry, company, or role. It allows you to leverage your existing experience and expertise.

[04:45] πŸ“š Crafting a clear career story is vital to convey your journey, goals, and value to potential employers. It helps them understand why your transition makes sense and how you can contribute to their organization.

[06:15] πŸ” Following a structured job search process, including career clarity, resume and LinkedIn profile updates, targeted job search, and interview skill improvement, increases your chances of success in making a career change.

[07:30] πŸ’Ό Avoiding a negative mindset about your current job or team is crucial. Instead, focus on taking proactive steps towards your career change by following the right strategies and staying committed to your goals.

[08:45] 🌟 Implementing a clear why and effectively positioning your value will significantly enhance your chances of success in making a career change. It helps you stand out to potential employers and aligns your goals with their needs.



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