Ep136: Do you have the right career mindset?

corporate mindset


In this episode, Mei Phing discusses the importance of mindset and strategy in achieving career success. It emphasizes the need for a strong career mindset, but also acknowledges the significance of implementing the right strategies and taking the appropriate steps to progress in one’s career.



[00:00] πŸ’‘ Career mindset and its importance in achieving success.

[00:45] πŸ’‘ The quote on Instagram stating that success is 20% strategy and 80% mindset is discussed and questioned.

[01:56] πŸ’‘ The speaker highlights the need for a new version of oneself at each career level and the importance of believing in one’s abilities.

[04:32] πŸ’‘ The speaker argues that mindset alone is not sufficient for career success and that strategy, skill set, and consistency are also crucial factors.

[07:18] πŸ’‘ A three-step framework for career success is introduced, including mindset, skill set, and strategy.

[09:30] πŸ’‘ The speaker emphasizes the importance of understanding corporate culture and fitting into the company’s overall jigsaw puzzle.

[11:45] πŸ’‘ The importance of having a clear strategy, upskilling, and maintaining consistency in order to achieve career goals is discussed.


Key Insights

πŸ”‘ The video highlights the need for a balanced approach between mindset and strategy in achieving career success. While mindset is important, it is not the sole determinant of success.

πŸ”‘ The speaker emphasizes the significance of understanding the corporate mindset and culture, as well as aligning one’s career goals within the organization.

πŸ”‘ Having a clear strategy and upskilling in relevant areas are crucial for career advancement. It is important to focus on the skills that will have the most impact on one’s performance and value in the workplace.

πŸ”‘ Consistency is key in achieving long-term career success. It is essential to consistently work towards one’s goals, whether it is improving communication skills, building a personal brand, or developing industry knowledge.

πŸ”‘ The video challenges the notion that mindset alone is enough for career success, highlighting the need for tangible strategies, skill development, and consistent effort to see results.



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