Ep143: FAKE GURU vs REAL EXPERT: How to find out who’s legit.

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In this episode, Mei Phing discusses the difference between fake gurus and real experts when it comes to career advice on social media platforms. It emphasizes the importance of evaluating the process, experience, and results of individuals before seeking their guidance.



1:13 🤔: Exploring the confusion between education and entertainment on social media and the need to evaluate the skills and success of influencers.

4:46 📝: Introducing the PEP formula for choosing the right coach or mentor, focusing on the importance of process, experience, and results.

9:26 🗝️: Discussing the first element of the PEP formula, process, and the significance of having a clear plan and roadmap for achieving success.

15:11 📚: Highlighting the second element of the PEP formula, experience, and providing tips for validating a person’s experience, including checking their LinkedIn profile.

22:21 💡: Explaining the third element of the PEP formula, results, and emphasizing the importance of following the steps and framework provided by experts for achieving desired outcomes.


Key Insights

📋 Evaluating the process of a coach or mentor is crucial to determine their ability to guide and support you effectively.

💼 Validating a person’s experience can be done by thoroughly examining their LinkedIn profile and assessing the details of their job titles, roles, and responsibilities.

📈 Following a clear roadmap and framework provided by experts increases the likelihood of achieving success in your career journey.

✅ Checking for tangible results and success stories from individuals can help you gauge their effectiveness in providing valuable career advice.

🚩 Be cautious of individuals who lack relevant experience or have not reached significant milestones in their own careers when seeking guidance.

📚 LinkedIn is a reliable platform for assessing the credibility and professional background of coaches, mentors, and experts.

🎯 Following the steps and recommendations of experienced professionals increases your chances of success in job search and navigating the corporate world.



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