Ep147: 3 mindset blocks every 9-5 professional needs to avoid.

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In this episode, Mei Phing discusses three mindset blocks that hinder career progression and offers tips to overcome them. These blocks can appear at any career level, whether you're just starting your career or an experienced working professional.



0:00 🚩 Mindset block #1: Feeling not good enough holds professionals back from career success.

3:48 ⏰ Mindset block #2: Not knowing what to do in a new job or role impedes progress.

8:27 🛠️ Mindset block #3: Feeling trapped and stuck prevents growth in one’s career.


Key Insights

💡 Mindset block #1: Many professionals lack confidence and self-belief, which hinders their progress. Overcoming this block requires identifying areas for improvement and taking action to develop necessary skills.

💡 Mindset block #2: Starting a new job or role can be overwhelming, but clarifying roles and responsibilities and seeking additional information can alleviate feelings of confusion and help professionals adapt faster.

💡 Mindset block #3: Feeling trapped in a career is a common experience, but using negative language and thinking in absolutes like “forever” can distort perception. Finding opportunities within the current job and exploring new possibilities can shift this mindset and lead to progress.



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