Ep148: 3 types of people you'll meet at every job.

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In this episode, Mei Phing discusses three types of people you will encounter in the workplace: the complain channel, the commentator style, and the corporate survivor. It emphasizes the importance of choosing who you want to become.



0:19 🗣️ The complain channel: someone who constantly complains and is never satisfied.

2:07 📣 The commentator style: someone who has opinions but lacks action.

5:07 💼 The corporate survivor: someone who takes charge of their career and believes in their own potential.


Key Insights

🗣️ The complain channel is toxic and can make you feel frustrated and defeated. It’s best to avoid spending time with them.

📣 The commentator style person offers suggestions and information but may not provide actionable steps to resolve issues.

💼 The corporate survivor is ambitious, has a growth mindset, and takes control of their career. They know the value is in investing in themselves.



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