Ep160: Why I quit my high-paying job.

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In this episode, Mei Phing discusses her journey from climbing the career ladder to a corporate leader, quitting her high-flying career to becoming a career coach, highlighting the personal event that led to the career change and the importance of family.



0:00 - πŸŽ™οΈ Mei Phing as a career coach today.

3:30 - 🏒 Mei Phing’s background in the corporate world and her various roles in different companies.

8:45 - 🌍 Transition to working at Standard Chartered Bank and achieving career success.

15:20 - πŸ’” Personal event of the speaker’s mom falling terminally ill leads to a career change decision.

21:10 - 🚫 Decision to quit the corporate world and prioritize family over career.

25:40 - 🌟 Initial steps taken as a career coach and the accidental nature of becoming one.

30:15 - 😒 Emotional challenges and grief experienced after the passing of the speaker’s mom.

34:50 - ⏰ Decision to take more time off and continue career coaching while healing and spending time with family.


Key Insights

πŸŽ™οΈ Mei Phing’s transition from a successful corporate career to becoming a career coach was driven by a personal event, emphasizing the importance of family.

🏒 Mei Phing's experience in different roles and companies within the corporate world provided a strong foundation for her career coaching expertise.

🌍 Working at Standard Chartered Bank allowed Mei Phing to gain valuable international experience and achieve significant career milestones.

πŸ’” Mei Phing’s decision to quit her job and become a caregiver for her terminally ill mother showcases the power of prioritizing family over career.

🚫 Mei Phing’s choice to leave the corporate world was not an easy decision, but one that aligned with her values and desire to focus on what truly mattered.

🌟 Career coaching found Mei Phing through connections and requests from friends and colleagues, leading to her accidental career transition.

😒 Mei Phing's journey as a career coach was intertwined with personal grief, highlighting the emotional challenges faced and the importance of healing.



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