Ep164: Will you lose your job to ChatGPT?

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In this episode, Mei Phing discusses the topic of Chat GPT and the future of AI, specifically in relation to its impact on 9-to-5 jobs. Using AI to increase efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace with the need for critical thinking and communication skills when utilizing these tools.



0:17 ⏱️ The conversation around whether Chat GPT will replace jobs and the future of AI has been a big topic.

1:13 ⏱️ Chat GPT can be used as a research tool for job seekers and professionals to gain ideas and insights.

2:56 ⏱️ The quality of answers from Chat GPT depends on the quality of questions asked and the context provided.

4:39 ⏱️ Chat GPT should be seen as a tool to make work more efficient, but effectiveness requires human skills and critical thinking.

7:18 ⏱️ The rise of AI technology should not be feared but embraced, as human skills and soft skills will always be valuable in the corporate world.


Key Insights

💡 While there is concern about AI replacing jobs, the speaker emphasizes the need to view Chat GPT and AI as tools to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace.

💡 The quality of answers from Chat GPT is highly dependent on the quality of questions asked and the context provided. Communication and critical thinking skills are crucial in utilizing this tool effectively.

💡 Chat GPT should be used as a research tool and not solely relied upon for guidance in career growth. Learning from real professionals and gaining experience is still necessary in navigating the corporate world.

💡 Efficiency and effectiveness are different concepts. While Chat GPT can help with efficiency, effectiveness requires a deep understanding of the corporate world and the ability to apply the right strategies and steps in accordance with one’s situation.

💡 Human skills, such as communication, relationship building, critical thinking, and productivity, are essential in remaining valuable professionals in the face of advancing technology. AI tools can assist in work but cannot replace human abilities.

💡 The trajectory of technology has shown continuous evolution, and while some jobs may change or be automated, new opportunities and industries will emerge. Adapting and learning to use technology to work faster can help future-proof one’s career.

💡 The speaker emphasizes the importance of improving soft skills and becoming a valuable professional that humans want to work with. AI technology cannot replace the human element and the ability to deliver quality work.



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