Ep167: From confused fresh grad to confident corporate leader in my 20's.

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In this episode, Mei Phing shares her career journey from being a quiet introvert in a small SME company to leading a major company at Standard Chartered. She provides strategies for climbing the corporate ladder and now helps others as a career coach.



[0:00] πŸ’Ό Started career in a small SME company as an auditor, facing struggles and anxiety due to introversion and lack of communication skills.

[3:30] 🌱 Learned how to work properly in a job, built positive relationships with managers, and gained referrals for future opportunities.

[6:00] 🌍 Joined Ernst & Young Singapore, faced culture shock, and learned the importance of understanding structure, culture, and people in a multinational company.

[9:30] πŸ› οΈ Identified skills gaps and focused on improving soft skills like communication, relationship building, and visibility strategy.

[13:00] ✈️ Headhunted on LinkedIn and joined VISA, gaining exposure to different countries and learning the importance of speaking up and visibility in a commercial company.

[17:30] πŸ’Ό Evaluated worth and decided to return to banking, joining Standard Chartered after being headhunted on LinkedIn.

[21:00] πŸš€ Joined a pioneer team and had to start from scratch, utilizing experience to build structure and approach projects step-by-step.

[24:00] πŸ† Recognized for motivation, proven results, and ability to deliver high-quality work, leading to a managerial position with a senior manager workload.


Key Insights

[0:00] πŸ’Ό Starting in a small company can provide opportunities to learn how to work properly in a job and build positive relationships with managers.

[6:00] 🌍 Working in a multinational company requires understanding structure, culture, and people, and adapting to a different working environment.

[9:30] πŸ› οΈ Identifying and improving skills gaps, both technical and soft skills, is crucial for career growth in the corporate world.

[13:00] ✈️ Utilizing LinkedIn can open doors to unexpected job opportunities and allow for career growth and exposure to different countries.

[17:30] πŸ’Ό Evaluating worth and making strategic career moves can lead to better opportunities and personal growth.

[21:00] πŸš€ Joining a pioneer team requires starting from scratch and utilizing experience to build structure and approach projects step-by-step.

[24:00] πŸ† Being recognized for motivation, proven results, and the ability to deliver high-quality work can lead to promotions and increased responsibilities.



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