Ep171: Mentoring Call Pt.2 - How to deal with toxic people problems at work.

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In this episode (series), Mei Phing discusses the second step of her career course, which focuses on developing core corporate skills. She shares a student’s question about dealing with a difficult new manager and provides guidance on how to handle the situation effectively.



[0:32] 📚 Step 2 of the course is about developing core corporate skills, including communication, relationship building, critical thinking, and productivity.

[2:14] 🤔 The host addresses a student’s question about dealing with a difficult new manager and offers advice on handling the situation.

[6:45] 🤝 Building positive relationships with other colleagues and stakeholders can help maintain a positive reputation.

[8:10] ⏸️ Taking a pause and asking open-ended questions can help clarify expectations and navigate the situation effectively.


Key Insights

[1] 🎯 Developing core corporate skills, such as communication and critical thinking, is essential for success in any job.

[2] 💼 Dealing with a difficult new manager requires observing their behaviour, asking open-ended questions, and staying focused on maintaining a positive reputation.

[3] 🔄 Adapting to a new manager’s management style and embracing change can help navigate workplace challenges.

[4] 🙋‍♀️ Building relationships with other colleagues and stakeholders can provide support and help overcome difficult situations.

[5] 🛑 Validating information and avoiding emotional reactions is crucial when dealing with gossip or negative comments about oneself.

[6] 🗓️ Taking a pause before reacting and seeking clarity through open-ended questions can help manage expectations and improve communication.

[7] ⏰ It may take time for a new manager to settle in, and proactively managing one’s own performance and reputation is important during this period.



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