Ep172: Mentoring Call Pt. 3 - How to get recognised and paid your value.

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In this episode (series), Mei Phing discusses Step 3 of the 3-step framework for personal branding at work. It emphasizes the importance of getting visible and recognized for one’s work and guides how to increase value in the workplace.



0:41 [πŸ”] Step 3 focuses on personal branding and getting visible in the workplace and on LinkedIn.

1:23 [πŸ’‘] Mistake: Planning the conversation about increment with HR instead of the department head.

3:01 [πŸ’Ό] Update LinkedIn profile to reflect achievements and increase value, regardless of increment outcome.

4:34 [🌟] Importance of differentiating oneself and adding unique experiences to stand out in the corporate world.

6:57 [πŸ“š] Recap of the 6-step career plan and the core course’s coverage of the 3-step framework.


Key Insights

[πŸ’ͺ] Personal branding and visibility are crucial for career success in the corporate world. It is important to know how to effectively present oneself and stand out from the competition.

[πŸ”‘] Planning conversations about increments should be done with the department head, not HR, as they are the ones who ultimately decide and have the budget for salary increases.

[🌐] Utilizing LinkedIn as a platform for personal branding can help increase visibility and showcase achievements and skills to a wider audience.

[πŸ—οΈ] Updating LinkedIn profiles regularly with new certifications, projects, and achievements can reinforce one’s value and attract potential opportunities.

[🌟] Differentiating oneself from others with similar backgrounds and experiences is crucial for career advancement. Adding unique skills and experiences can make one more valuable and attractive to employers.

[πŸ“š] The 3-step framework and the 6-step career plan provide a comprehensive approach to career development, covering important aspects such as personal branding, visibility, and continuous growth.

[⏰] Time management and planning are key when it comes to career conversations, performance reviews, and salary negotiations. Starting early and gathering feedback can significantly impact outcomes.



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