Ep173: Mentoring Call Pt.4 - How to apply for a manager level job.

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In this episode (series), Mei Phing discusses the bonus 30-day job search strategy in her career program. It addresses the challenges faced by job seekers in branding and positioning themselves for senior roles.



[0:45] 🎁 The 30-day job search strategy, a bonus lesson in the program, is introduced as a resource for finding new career opportunities.

[2:25] πŸ€” One challenge faced by job seekers is branding and positioning themselves for senior roles.

[3:55] πŸ“ˆ Hiring managers care about specific qualities and skills when considering candidates for senior positions.

[5:20] πŸ’Ό Additional strategies are provided to help job seekers market, brand, and sell themselves effectively.


Key Insights

[1] πŸŽ™οΈ The 30-day job search strategy is a valuable resource for professionals looking to explore new career opportunities. It provides guidance and support throughout the job search process.

[2] 🧩 Branding and positioning are crucial for job seekers aiming for senior roles. Understanding what hiring managers value and tailoring one’s image accordingly can greatly improve chances of landing desired positions.

[3] πŸ“š It is important for job seekers to thoroughly research the skills and experiences required for their desired roles. By identifying and developing these skills, they can enhance their value proposition and stand out as top candidates.

[4] πŸ’ͺ Building a strong personal brand is essential for career advancement. Job seekers should focus on showcasing their unique strengths and demonstrating how they can bring value to potential employers.

[5] πŸ“ Crafting a compelling career summary and resume is crucial. A well-written summary that highlights relevant achievements and skills can significantly improve the chances of being considered for senior positions.

[6] πŸ”„ It is advisable for job seekers to explore internal opportunities within their current organization before automatically seeking new roles externally. Leveraging brand recognition and growing within the company can be a viable path to career advancement.



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