Ep177: Quitting social media for a happier career.

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In this episode, Mei Phing discusses how quitting social media allowed her to focus on her corporate career and provides tips on managing social media to prevent it from affecting work. Distractions lead to poor work performance.



0:00 [πŸ“Ί] Definition of social media as fast-paced, dopamine-driven content that can be distracting.

1:58 [πŸ‘₯] Social media negatively impacted the speaker’s focus, attention span, and ability to slow down at work.

4:33 [πŸ”’] The speaker shares three steps to manage social media: bucketize social media time, follow a few trusted experts, and consume curated, longer-form content.

9:05 [πŸ’‘] Following too many experts can lead to confusion and lack of implementation.

10:50 [πŸ—‘οΈ] Unfollowing accounts that make the speaker feel bad helped improve their social media experience.

13:23 [⏰] The speaker emphasizes the importance of applying the advice from chosen experts for at least 30 days to see results.

15:34 [🌐] Longer-form content like podcasts and blog posts provide more depth and context than quick social media posts.


Key Insights

[πŸ“Ί] Social media can be a major distraction at work, negatively impacting focus and attention span.

[πŸ‘₯] The speaker’s personal experience and coaching clients’ experiences support the notion that social media can hinder career growth.

[πŸ”’] Managing social media by setting designated time slots, following trusted experts, and consuming longer-form content can help prevent it from affecting work.

[πŸ’‘] Following too many experts can lead to confusion and lack of implementation, so it’s important to curate the accounts followed.

[πŸ—‘οΈ] Unfollowing accounts that make one feel bad can help improve the overall social media experience.

[⏰] Applying advice from chosen experts for at least 30 days increases the likelihood of seeing positive results.

[🌐] Longer-form content provides more depth and context, aiding in better understanding and implementation of advice.



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