Ep178: Overthinking, self-sabotage and the fear of failure.

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In this episode, Mei Phing discusses how overthinking can sabotage career success by hindering decision-making, overcoming workplace challenges, and implementing career growth strategies. Fear of failure and comparing oneself to others contribute to overthinking tendencies. 



0:07 🎡 Introduction to the topic of overthinking and its impact on career success

0:36 πŸ“ Three ways overthinking affects career progress: decision-making, overcoming challenges, and career growth strategies

2:26 🧠 Mindset shift to overcome overthinking tendencies and achieve goals

4:19 πŸ’­ Reflecting on past career obstacles and the amount of time spent overthinking

5:54 πŸ“Š Survey results reveal fear of failure as a common concern among 9-to-5 professionals

7:09 πŸ€” Analyzing the fear of failure and its impact on career growth

9:01 🌟 Importance of identifying the cause of feeling like a failure and reevaluating comparisons with others

11:29 πŸš€ Taking action and voicing concerns to achieve career progress

13:12 πŸ”„ Story of a student who overthought her career break and ended up doing nothing

15:03 πŸ“š Step-by-step approach to career growth and overcoming overthinking tendencies

17:14 🌟 Encouragement to take action and avoid staying stagnant in current situations


Key Insights

🎡 Overthinking can hinder career success by preventing effective decision-making, overcoming challenges, and implementing growth strategies. It is important to recognize and address overthinking tendencies to achieve career goals.

πŸ“Š Fear of failure is a common concern among 9-to-5 professionals. While it is normal to feel uncertain and anxious, staying in a state of fear and overthinking can hinder progress and personal growth.

πŸ€” Comparing oneself to others can contribute to feelings of failure and overthinking. It is crucial to identify the cause of these comparisons and reevaluate the people and content one is connected with.

πŸ’­ Reflecting on the time spent overthinking career decisions can highlight the need for taking action and avoiding stagnation. Progress is unlikely to occur if one continues to overthink without taking steps forward.

πŸ”„ Overthinking during a career break can lead to inaction and frustration. It is important to seek guidance and take a step-by-step approach to navigate career challenges and make progress.

πŸš€ Taking action and voicing concerns to superiors can lead to positive outcomes. Overthinking can often prevent individuals from seeking opportunities and achieving recognition in the workplace.

🌟 A step-by-step approach to career growth, including clarity, confidence, and personal branding, can help individuals overcome overthinking tendencies and achieve their career goals.



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