Ep180: How I got a job at Google and said NO.

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In this episode, Mei Phing discusses being headhunted by Google but ultimately declining the job offer. It highlights the importance of having a LinkedIn profile and positive recommendations, as well as considering career level and growth opportunities when making job decisions. 



0:00 🌟 Story of being headhunted by Google during their career break.

0:42 πŸ” The power of LinkedIn is emphasized as a platform for attracting opportunities.

1:35 πŸ’Ό The author explains how a positive recommendation from a former colleague led to the interview process at Google.

2:45 🧠 The interview experience and the importance of making an impact in previous roles are discussed.

4:14 πŸ“š The author reflects on declining the job offer due to the junior career level and lack of growth opportunities in the department.

5:25 πŸ€” The author considers the long-term fit and their passion for the role, leading to the decision to decline the offer.


Key Insights

🌟 The power of LinkedIn: Having a complete and active LinkedIn profile increases the chances of attracting opportunities from big companies like Google.

πŸ” Positive recommendations matter: A recommendation from a former colleague can open doors and lead to headhunting opportunities.

πŸ’Ό Impact in previous roles: Making a positive impact in previous roles can be remembered and recommended by former colleagues, increasing the chances of being headhunted.

🧠 Interview experience: Conversational and intellectual interviews at Google provided insights into team dynamics and communication styles.

πŸ“š Considering career level: Evaluating the career level of a job offer is crucial in determining if it aligns with one’s experience and future growth potential.

πŸ€” Long-term fit: Assessing the department and role for long-term fit and growth opportunities is essential in making job decisions.

🚫 Declining the offer: Despite the attractiveness of the brand, declining a job offer is valid when considering career level, growth opportunities, and personal passion.



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