Ep186: Job search mistakes from an ex-hiring manager.

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In this episode, Mei Phing discusses common mistakes that people make when searching for a new job, focusing on career direction, resumes, LinkedIn, and interviews. The importance of knowing what not to do to increase your chances for job search success.



0:52 πŸš€ The importance of career direction and clarity in determining the right job opportunities.

2:25 πŸ“ Resume mistakes, including not realizing its actual quality and using outdated templates.

5:20 πŸ” The significance of value positioning in resumes to showcase skills and expertise.

7:12 πŸ’Ό Mistakes on LinkedIn, such as treating it like social media and underestimating the profile’s effectiveness.

9:10 πŸ’‘ Key insights on the need for career clarity and focusing on value positioning to stand out in job search.


Key Insights

βœ… Career clarity is the foundation for a successful job search. Taking time to identify career options and determine the desired direction is crucial.

πŸ“ Resumes should focus on value positioning rather than listing all activities. Highlighting skills and expertise relevant to the desired role is essential.

πŸ‘€ LinkedIn is a professional platform that can connect job seekers with potential employers. Treating it as such and optimizing the profile can lead to more opportunities.

🎯 Value positioning is key in both resumes and LinkedIn profiles. Generic statements and fluffy words should be replaced with specific examples of achievements and strengths.

πŸš€ Career growth and job search success require continuous learning and improvement. Taking advantage of resources like career courses and workshops can enhance job search strategies.

πŸ’Ό Avoiding common mistakes in career direction, resumes, LinkedIn, and interviews can significantly increase job search success and lead to landing dream job opportunities.

🌟 Self-assessment and seeking professional guidance can help individuals identify and address blind spots in their resumes and LinkedIn profiles, ensuring a more competitive job search.



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