Ep197: Bad habits I’m getting rid of before 2024. Part 2.

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In this episode, Mei Phing discusses current challenges to create content that aligns with her mission. Perfectionism and people-pleasing tendencies, and the actions to overcome these habits and focus for the next year.



0:57 πŸ€” Low clarity hinders the motivation to take action.

3:34 πŸ’ͺ Mei Phing realizes her personal limitations are holding her back.

5:12 ⏰ Procrastination is a result of her uncertainty and lack of conviction.

7:23 🎯 Clarity and alignment with her mission will be her motivation moving forward.

9:01 🎯 Mei Phing wants to overcome perfectionism and prioritize her own goals.

11:17 πŸ‘₯ People-pleasing tendencies have hindered her ability to focus on her mission.


Key Insights

πŸ€” Mei Phing’s lack of understanding of social media leads to procrastination and inaction. Without a clear vision, she struggles to see the progression of her efforts.

🌟 Mei Phing desires to create content that goes beyond traditional topics like job search or personal branding. She wants to address the holistic aspects of a successful career.

πŸ’ͺ Mei Phing recognizes her personal limitations and how they have hindered her ability to communicate and convey her desired message effectively.

⏰ Procrastination stems from Mei Phing’s uncertainty and lack of conviction in her chosen strategies. She is motivated by being fully committed and seeing the bigger picture.

🎯 Clarity and alignment with her mission serve as motivation for Mei Phing. When her content and actions align with her purpose, she is driven to take action and make progress.

πŸ‘₯ Mei Phing’s people-pleasing tendencies have led her to say yes to everything, which has ultimately resulted in an imbalance and hindered her ability to focus on her priorities.

🎯 Overcoming perfectionism is a challenge for Mei Phing. She aims to find a balance between high-quality work and prioritizing her own goals, rather than constantly seeking validation from others..



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