Ep199: Confident people are not born that way.

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In this episode, Mei Phing shares why confident people are not born that way; they become confident by never giving up and achieving success. The past 12 months don’t define your future; it’s what you do in the next 12 months that matters.



0:00 💪 Confident people are made, not born.

0:16 🚪 Don’t dwell on the past; focus on the future.

0:34 🎯 Ignore distractions and focus on important things.

0:50 📈 Learn the necessary skills for career growth.

1:05 🙌 Believe in yourself and come back stronger.

1:22 🎉 Let’s make the next year the best of your career.


Key Insights

💪 Confidence is not innate; it is developed through perseverance and determination. Success comes to those who never give up.

🚪 The past doesn’t define your future. It’s important to let go of past failures and focus on creating opportunities for yourself.

🎯 Distractions and other people’s opinions can hinder your career growth. Prioritize what truly matters and stay focused on your goals.

📈 Learning the right skills is crucial for career advancement. Seek guidance and education to ensure you have the knowledge you need to succeed.

🙌 Believing in yourself is essential. Embrace your abilities and have faith in your potential to overcome challenges and achieve success.

🎉 Make the upcoming year the most successful in your career by setting ambitious goals and taking proactive steps towards achieving them. It’s time to shine.



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