Ep203: Boss is not your friend.

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In this episode, Mei Phing discusses the misconception that bosses are responsible for your career growth. Bosses are supervisors who ensure work deliverables are met. There are potential pitfalls of viewing a boss as a friend.



0:20 🚩 Your boss is your supervisor, not your friend

1:03 🚩 Many professionals misunderstand their boss’s role

2:35 🚩 The role of a boss is to manage work responsibilities

4:20 🚩 Bosses have a talent retention goal

6:12 🚩 Unrealistic expectations can lead to problems

8:45 🚩 Being friendly is important, but maintain a working relationship

10:37 🚩 Focus on work performance and value, not friendship


Key Insights

πŸ€” It’s crucial to understand the role of a boss as a supervisor and manager, rather than expecting personal guidance and career growth support.

πŸ’Ό Bosses have a responsibility to manage work deliverables, ensuring tasks are completed within scope, quality, and timelines.

🀝 As people managers, bosses have a talent retention goal and should strive to create a positive and fulfilling work environment.

⚠️ Viewing a boss as a friend can lead to unrealistic expectations and potential issues, such as taking on excessive workload or feeling disappointed when promotions or salary increments don’t happen.

πŸ™Œ Building strong working relationships with bosses is important, but it’s essential to maintain a productive working dynamic.

πŸ“ˆ Focus on improving work performance, advocating for oneself, and demonstrating the value brought to the table to increase chances of recognition, promotions, and salary increments.

πŸ‘₯ Being hired and recognized based on merit and value is more empowering than relying on friendship with a boss for career advancement.



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