Ep216: How to avoid feeling incompetent. Here's what I did.

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In this episode, Mei Phing discusses why transitioning into a new role can be challenging due to the intense workload and unfamiliarity with the company structure. Overcoming feelings of incompetence involves actively seeking clarity on job responsibilities and proactively learning about the company.



00:00 🀯 Intense workload and unfamiliarity with company structure can lead to feelings of incompetence.

00:53 πŸ’¬ Importance of seeking clarity on job responsibilities through conversations with superiors and peers.

01:45 πŸ“š Proactively learning about the company and its structure is crucial for overcoming incompetence.

02:30 πŸ§  Viewing the learning process as an information-gathering journey rather than a sign of incompetence.

03:25 🧩 Treating each new piece of information as a puzzle piece that contributes to the bigger picture.

04:30 πŸ” Embracing curiosity and self-motivation to piece together the corporate jigsaw puzzle.


Key Insights

πŸ”„ Transitioning into a new role involves both adapting to the workload and understanding the company’s structure, requiring efforts in both areas to overcome feelings of incompetence. 

πŸ’‘ Actively seeking clarity on job responsibilities through communication with colleagues and superiors is essential for gaining a clear understanding of one’s role within the company. 

πŸ“– Proactively learning about the company’s structure, terminology, and processes can help individuals feel more competent and confident in their new roles. 

🧩 Treating each unfamiliar term or concept as a puzzle piece to be researched and understood contributes to the gradual building of knowledge and competence within the organization.

🌱 Viewing the initial learning curve as a natural part of the process, rather than a reflection of personal inadequacy, can help individuals navigate the challenges of transitioning into a new role. 

πŸ” Embracing curiosity and self-motivation to piece together the corporate jigsaw puzzle can foster a sense of accomplishment and growth as individuals navigate the complexities of a new role. 

❓ Recognizing that no one has all the answers in a new environment can shift the focus from feeling inadequate to actively seeking knowledge and understanding, promoting a proactive approach to learning and development.



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