Ep26: [H] Hacker: Reset Mindset | The P.H.I.N.G method

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In this episode (series), Mei Phing introduces her P.H.I.N.G method for coaching young executives and entrepreneurs. She focuses on the “H” - Hacker, which deals with mindset hacking. The importance of rewiring our mindset before taking action and overcoming fears and limiting beliefs.



00:00 🎙️ Mei Phing introduces the P.H.I.N.G method and its significance for young leaders.

02:30 🧠 Mei Phing emphasizes the importance of mindset hacking before setting goals or facing challenges.

04:45 📝 Mei Phing provides an exercise for listeners to identify their fears and what holds them back.

07:15 💡 Mei Phing encourages working on mindset first, pausing to reflect on fears, and taking steps to overcome them.

09:30 🚀 Mei Phing reminds listeners that their thoughts become things and emphasizes the importance of self-belief.

10:45 📚 Mei Phing shares her personal experiences and assures listeners that they are not alone in their challenges.

00:12:15 👋 Mei Phing concludes the episode and encourages listeners to continue working on themselves and believing in their potential.


Key Insights

💡 Mindset hacking is crucial before taking action, as fears and limiting beliefs can hinder progress.

💡 Identifying and understanding our fears is an important step towards overcoming them and achieving success.

💡 Negative past experiences and other people’s opinions can contribute to the fears and mindset blocks we face.

💡 Working on mindset and self-belief is an ongoing process that requires reflection, honesty, and commitment.

💡 Building mental strength and recognizing that others have faced similar challenges can provide encouragement and support.

💡 Overcoming fears and rewiring our mindset can lead to significant personal and professional growth.

💡 Continuous self-improvement and belief in oneself are essential for long-term success as a young leader.



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