Ep28: [N] Navigate: Managing complexity | The P.H.I.N.G method

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In this episode (series), Mei Phing introduces the P.H.I.N.G method for coaching young executives and entrepreneurs, focusing on the “Navigate” aspect of effectively managing people and problems in the workplace.



[01:10] 🎙️ Mei Phing explains that the P.H.I.N.G method is a game-changing approach for becoming a high-performing young leader.

[02:10] 🎙️ Mei Phing shares her personal experience in managing complexity and navigating people and problems in global multinational companies.

[04:23] 🎙️ Mei Phing presents two key questions for effective navigation: identifying key people to engage with and using soft skills to create clarity and solve problems.

[06:38] 🎙️ Mei Phing emphasizes the importance of mindset and belief in oneself as a leader.

[07:48] 🎙️ Mei Phing concludes the episode and encourages listeners to put the lessons into practice.


Key Insights

🔑 Mei Phing’s P.H.I.N.G method focuses on the “Navigate” aspect of leadership, which involves understanding and dealing with people and effectively processing problems. This is crucial for success in complex and dynamic environments.

🔑 Mei Phing’s personal experience in managing multimillion-dollar projects across countries and markets demonstrates the effectiveness of her navigation skills. She applies these skills in coaching ambitious young executives and entrepreneurs.

🔑 The first key question Mei Phing presents, “Who are the key people to engage with and how can you support them?”, highlights the importance of building win-win relationships and providing value to others in order to achieve corporate success.

🔑 The second key question, “What are the soft skills that you can use to create clarity and solve problems?”, emphasizes the significance of developing a combination of soft skills, such as communication, emotional intelligence, and decision-making, to navigate complex environments successfully.

🔑 Mei Phing’s coaching program helps clients navigate different levels of complexity by understanding the dynamics of their business or workplace and identifying the skills necessary for effective navigation.

🔑 The importance of mindset and self-belief in leadership cannot be underestimated. Without a strong belief in one’s abilities and a sense of belonging, acquiring skills alone will not lead to success.

🔑 Putting the lessons into practice is essential for applying the navigation skills discussed in the episode. Taking action and implementing strategies will lead to positive outcomes and growth as a leader.



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