Ep49: 10 big wins as a career coach in 2020.

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In this episode, Mei Phing reflects on her top 10 wins as a first-year career coach in 2020, including starting her coaching journey, consistent content creation, speaking at prestigious organizations, collaborating with top universities, and launching career workshops and masterclasses.



[00:00] πŸŽ™οΈ Mei Phing introduces herself as a career coach and welcomes listeners to her podcast.

[01:25] πŸ† Mei Phing shares her biggest achievement of 2020, starting her coaching and training brand, Got A Phing.

[03:40] πŸ“… Mei Phing talks about her consistency in creating content, especially on LinkedIn, where she shares insights on career, job search, personal branding, and personal growth.

[05:55] 🎀 Mei Phing expresses gratitude for being invited as a speaker at various organizations and universities, including ACCA and NTU Singapore, where she shared her expertise on career development and personal branding.

[08:25] 🌍 Mei Phing celebrates the opportunity to collaborate with top universities like the University of Hong Kong, working with Master’s students on career clarity, resume/CV review, interview skills, and personal branding.

[10:10] πŸŽ™οΈ Mei Phing recalls being a panel speaker at a Virtual Career Expo organized by a state government in Malaysia, where she helped job seekers from industries affected by the COVID pandemic.

[12:05] πŸ“š Mei Phing highlights the launch of her career workshops and masterclasses, covering topics such as workplace soft skills, LinkedIn improvement, interview skills, and communication skills.

[14:00] πŸ’Ό Mei Phing shares her success in working with one-on-one clients, emphasizing the importance of believing in her own skills and expertise and being approached by clients who resonate with her content.


Key Insights

πŸ‘ Mei Phing’s decision to start her coaching journey out of necessity and her dedication to helping others improve their careers and LinkedIn presence showcases her resilience and passion for making a positive impact.

πŸ—“οΈ Mei Phing’s consistency in creating content on LinkedIn demonstrates her commitment to sharing valuable insights and tips with her audience, establishing her as a credible career coach.

🎀 The invitations to speak at prestigious organizations and universities indicate Mei Phing’s expertise and the recognition of her value in guiding students and professionals in their career development.

🀝 Collaborating with top universities like the University of Hong Kong and NTU Singapore showcases Mei Phing’s ability to connect with the younger generation and provide guidance on career clarity, personal branding, and professional skills.

🌐 Mei Phing’s extensive international experiences and cross-cultural communication skills contribute to her effectiveness as a career coach, allowing her to understand and cater to clients’ diverse backgrounds and preferences.

πŸŽ™οΈ Being invited as a panel speaker for a Virtual Career Expo reflects Mei Phing’s expertise in helping job seekers navigate challenges and transition to new career opportunities, particularly during the COVID pandemic.

πŸ“š Mei Phing’s launch of career workshops and masterclasses demonstrates her commitment to empowering individuals with essential career skills, such as soft skills, interview preparation, and LinkedIn optimization.



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