Ep52: Personal branding online and offline.

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In this episode, Mei Phing discusses how Personal branding is important for corporate professionals, but it should be aligned with their professional reputation. Online branding should reflect the same qualities and values as offline interactions.



00:30 🔹 Personal branding should be seen as a professional reputation extension for corporate professionals.

02:12 🔹 Building personal branding should align with your professional reputation both online and offline.

04:40 🔹 Neglecting competence for attention online can backfire in terms of professional reputation.

07:20 🔹 Balancing online and offline efforts is important for career growth and opportunities.


Key Insights

00:30 🔹 Personal branding is not just for marketers; it is about building a professional reputation that aligns with your corporate career.

02:12 🔹 Online branding should be consistent with how you portray yourself offline to maintain credibility and avoid confusion.

04:40 🔹 Prioritizing personal branding over competence can harm your professional reputation and hinder career opportunities.

07:20 🔹 Balancing online and offline efforts is crucial for career growth, as both contribute to building a strong professional reputation.



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