Ep66: Do you consider your boss as a friend?

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In this episode, Mei Phing discusses the story of a client's challenge of maintaining a friendship with a boss and offers strategies for navigating this delicate balance.



01:52 🀝 A client’s experience of promises made by a boss who is no longer in charge, causing frustration and anxiety.

03:55 πŸ€” The client faces the complication of her friend being promoted to be her new boss, blurring the line between friendship and working relationship.

06:25 🌟 The importance of distinguishing between friendship and working relationship is emphasized, as it can impact career progression and maintain positive relationships.

08:27 πŸ’Ό The client’s discomfort with reaching out to her previous boss highlights the hierarchical nature of workplaces, but maintaining connections can lead to future opportunities.

11:15 πŸ’‘ It is crucial to make uncomfortable decisions that prioritize career growth and maintain positive working relationships, even if it means setting boundaries with friends.

13:40 🀝 Catch-up sessions with colleagues can help focus on deliverables and open doors for future career opportunities.

15:20 πŸ’ͺ The client appreciates the unique perspective and practical strategies provided by the career coach, empowering her to take control of her career.


Key Insights

🀝 Building a strong working relationship with your boss can create future career opportunities, but it becomes complicated when a friend becomes your boss. Setting clear boundaries is essential to maintain both the friendship and professional growth.

🌟 It is essential to separate friendship from the working relationship to objectively evaluate career opportunities. Failing to do so can limit career progression and lead to discomfort in decision-making.

πŸ’Ό While the immediate boss holds influence, maintaining connections with previous bosses and colleagues can lead to additional career opportunities and recommendations.

πŸ’‘ Uncomfortable decisions are often necessary for career growth. Balancing friendship and professional relationships requires setting boundaries and making choices that prioritize long-term career goals.

🀝 Regular catch-up sessions with colleagues can enhance focus on current deliverables and create potential career opportunities.

πŸ’ͺ Appreciating a unique perspective and practical strategies empowers individuals to take control of their careers and approach challenging situations with confidence.



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