Ep74: Zero interviews to TWO job offers in 2.5 weeks.

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In this episode, Mei Phing discusses the story of a client who struggled to find a job for eight months with no interviews. After working with a career coach for three weeks, she updated her resume and LinkedIn profile, resulting in nine interviews and two job offers.



1:40 🎯 Applying the right career planning and strategies can lead to job search success during the pandemic

4:22 🧠 Tackling mindset blocks in the first session was crucial for the client’s transformation

8:03 📝 Resume review and refinement helped improve the client’s chances of landing top job offers

14:18 💼 Clear clarity, a strong resume, and an upgraded LinkedIn profile led to nine interviews and two job offers in just two weeks

18:40 💰 Negotiating a good salary and compensation package requires subtlety and maintaining a good relationship

22:12 📆 Achieving job search success within 30 days is possible with the right career planning and strategies


Key Insights

1️⃣ The right career planning and strategies can lead to job search success even during the pandemic. It’s important to apply the right advice and guidance to achieve desired career outcomes.

2️⃣ Tackling mindset blocks is crucial for overcoming job search frustrations. Negative thinking can hinder progress, so addressing and reframing mindset issues is essential for success.

3️⃣ A strong resume and an attractive LinkedIn profile are vital for standing out in a competitive job market. Investing time in refining and positioning one’s skills and experiences can significantly improve job search outcomes.

4️⃣ Clear clarity on career goals and aspirations is key to job search success. Knowing what one wants and effectively communicating it to potential employers can lead to more interview opportunities and job offers.

5️⃣ Negotiating a good salary and compensation package requires finesse and maintaining a positive relationship with employers. It’s important to approach negotiations in a professional and respectful manner to achieve desired outcomes.

6️⃣ Job search success can be achieved within a short timeframe with the right career planning and strategies. By seeking guidance from professionals and experts, individuals can expedite their job search process and achieve desired career outcomes.

7️⃣ If job search efforts are not yielding results after three months, it’s important to evaluate and identify areas of improvement. Seeking help from professionals can provide valuable insights and guidance to overcome obstacles and achieve job search success.



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