Ep76: I applied for 800 jobs and got NOTHING.

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In this episode, Mei Phing discusses a story where her client applied for 800 jobs over a year but only got 10 interviews. He identified mistakes in his job search and improved his resume and LinkedIn profile. He received multiple job offers and recently joined a startup in a niche field.



[00:00] πŸ“£ Client applied for 800 jobs over a year but struggled to get interviews.

[04:30] πŸš€ After working with the career coach, he identified mistakes in his job search process.

[09:15] πŸ’Ό The coach helped him improve his resume and LinkedIn profile to stand out to employers.

[14:20] 🎯 The client received multiple job offers and found a great opportunity in a niche field.


Key Insights

[00:00] πŸ“Œ Persistence and learning the right strategies are essential in a job search.

[04:30] πŸ“Œ Identifying and rectifying mistakes in the job search process is crucial for success.

[09:15] πŸ“Œ A strong resume and LinkedIn profile are foundational for attracting employers.

[14:20] πŸ“Œ Niche expertise can lead to unique job opportunities and better salary prospects.



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