Ep80: Is your resume discounting your VALUE?

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In this episode, Mei Phing discusses why positioning your value correctly is crucial in the job search and career growth process. Discounting your value in your resume can lead to being offered lower positions and salaries. 



00:17 πŸ’‘ Positioning your value correctly is essential in the job search and career growth process.

03:22 πŸ’‘ Many people fail to understand how their resume can discount their value and expertise.

08:45 πŸ’‘ Lack of clarity on your value can lead to being offered lower positions and salaries.

12:10 πŸ’‘ It’s crucial to seek help from an expert to pull out and articulate your value effectively.


Key Insights

πŸ’‘ Discounting your value in your resume can lead to being offered lower positions and salaries, hindering your career growth.

πŸ’‘ Many people unknowingly write resumes that make them appear more junior than they actually are, failing to highlight their seniority and expertise.

πŸ’‘ Lack of information and context in your resume can create the impression that you haven’t achieved much in your career.

πŸ’‘ Seeking the help of a professional to reposition your value in your resume can make a significant difference in your job search success.

πŸ’‘ It’s important to get clear on your value and learn how to articulate and express it clearly to recruiters, hiring managers, and networking contacts.

πŸ’‘ Articulating your value clearly not only helps in job search but also keeps you motivated and focused in your career.

πŸ’‘ Even fresh graduates need to focus on positioning their value correctly to stand out in the job market.



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