Ep94: Why I fired my intern. Mistakes you should avoid.

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In this episode, Mei Phing discusses the experience of hiring and firing an intern due to their lack of punctuality, communication issues, and poor attention to detail. It emphasizes the importance of commitment, communication, and attention to detail in the workplace.



00:28 ⏱️ Discusses hiring and firing an intern who displayed several problematic behaviours.

01:45 ⏱️ The intern’s lack of punctuality and failure to attend meetings was unacceptable.

03:00 ⏱️ The intern’s poor communication and inability to follow instructions hindered productivity.

04:30 ⏱️ The intern’s lack of attention to detail resulted in a high error rate in their work.

06:00 ⏱️ The importance of hiring people who are committed, receptive to guidance, and willing to improve.

08:05 ⏱️ The negative impact of a tarnished reputation and the importance of honesty in the workplace.

09:15 ⏱️ Concludes with a reminder to focus on learning and improvement in one’s career.


Key Insights

🕒 The intern’s lack of punctuality and commitment demonstrated a lack of professionalism and respect for their role and responsibilities. This behaviour is unacceptable in any work environment.

📞 Poor communication and an inability to follow instructions hinder productivity and create frustration for both the intern and the employer. Effective communication is crucial for successful collaboration and achieving desired outcomes.

🔎 Attention to detail is essential in producing high-quality work. Neglecting this aspect can lead to significant errors and inefficiencies in the workplace. It’s crucial to prioritize attention to detail for optimal performance.

💼 Hiring managers and leaders need to ensure that individuals brought onto their teams are committed, receptive to guidance, and willing to improve. It is essential to set clear expectations and hold employees accountable for their performance.

🌟 Reputation is a valuable asset in one’s career. Tarnishing it through poor work ethic and irresponsible behavior can have long-lasting consequences. Honesty, integrity, and a commitment to continuous learning are vital for building a strong professional reputation.

📈 Continuous learning and improvement are essential for career growth. Adopting a proactive mindset and embracing opportunities to learn and develop new skills will contribute to long-term success.

⏳ The negative experience with the intern serves as a reminder to be cautious when hiring and to prioritize finding individuals who demonstrate the necessary qualities and attitudes for success in the workplace. It is crucial to learn from past experiences and make informed decisions when building a team.



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