Ep95: Being friends with your boss. A good idea?

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In this episode, Mei Phing discusses whether it is a good idea to be friends with your boss. It highlights the potential challenges and suggests maintaining a friendly but professional relationship.



0:24 🀝 Should you be friends with your boss? The video explores this question.

2:03 πŸ“š Being friends with your boss can be tricky and may blur boundaries between work and personal life.

4:12 πŸ€” The speaker advises being friendly but maintaining a clear focus on work objectives.

6:45 πŸ’Ό A professional and friendly relationship is recommended, with personal friendships developed outside of work.

8:28 🚫 Muddling personal and professional relationships can lead to uncomfortable situations and potential negative impacts on work.

10:10 πŸ—οΈ The key is to prioritize work goals and ensure a clear separation between friendship and professional responsibilities.


Key Insights

πŸ’‘ Building a personal friendship with your boss can create complications and potential conflicts of interest. It is important to maintain professionalism.

πŸ’‘ Being friendly and supportive of colleagues and bosses is beneficial, but it is essential to prioritize work goals and deliver on performance objectives.

πŸ’‘ Clear boundaries between personal friendships and professional relationships help avoid uncomfortable situations and maintain focus on work.

πŸ’‘ When personal and professional relationships become too intertwined, it can be challenging to say no or set boundaries, leading to potential issues.

πŸ’‘ Maintaining a professional mindset and prioritizing work goals can help navigate the complexities of friendship with a boss.

πŸ’‘ It is possible to maintain friendly relationships with ex-bosses after leaving a company, but during employment, a focus on work objectives is crucial.

πŸ’‘ The video encourages viewers to reflect on their own relationship with their boss and consider whether being friendly or having a personal friendship is the right approach.



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