Ep98: Life lessons I learned in 2021.

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In this episode, Mei Phing shares her top life lessons from 2021, including the importance of setting boundaries, dealing with entitled individuals, coping with copycats, and handling passive-aggressive behaviour.



00:00 πŸ•’ - Reflection on the year’s events

03:45 πŸ•’ - Lesson 1: Setting boundaries is crucial to avoid being taken advantage of

08:12 πŸ•’ - Lesson 2: Some people display entitled behavior and lack respect for others

12:30 πŸ•’ - Lesson 3: Copycats are prevalent and lack creativity

16:20 πŸ•’ - Lesson 4: Dealing with passive-aggressive individuals who expect special treatment

20:05 πŸ•’ - Lesson 5: Learning to prioritize mental health and avoid unnecessary stress


Key Insights

πŸ’‘ Lesson 1: Setting clear boundaries is essential to maintain self-respect and avoid being taken advantage of.

πŸ’‘ Lesson 2: Dealing with entitled individuals requires firmness and not enabling their behavior.

πŸ’‘ Lesson 3: Copycats lack originality and creativity, and their actions can be frustrating and disrespectful.

πŸ’‘ Lesson 4: Passive-aggressive behaviour is unacceptable, and reciprocating such behaviour is not justified.

πŸ’‘ Lesson 5: Prioritizing mental health and avoiding unnecessary stress is crucial for personal well-being and growth.



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